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Abstract Submission Process

Abstract Submission Guideline

1. Only electronically submitted abstracts are accepted.

2. Language: English

3. Font: Arial (11)

4. The whole abstract should not exceed 300 words and must be Paediatric related

5. Format of the abstract:

Title (capitalized and bold), Name(s) of Author(s) with the presenter’s name in BOLD PRINT; the surname of each author precedes the initials (eg: Abdullah BJJ)

6. Institution(s) of the author(s): Authors from different institutions will be identified by matching superscripts (eg: Kumar G1, Ong KT2, Department of Radiology and Surgery)

7. Body of Abstract: each subheader in bold print

· Purpose of study

· Materials and method

· Results

· Conclusion

8. All abstracts must be received by the secretariat by 30 June 2017

Abstract Topics

1. Neuro

2. Head and neck

3. Chest

4. Cardiac and vascular

5. Gastrointestinal and abdominal

6. Musculoskeletal

7. Oncologic

8. Urogenital

9. Others